AYSO Area 10W - Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties

Schedule Announcements

Here is the final schedule for the remainder of the season.  NO MORE CHANGES WILL BE FORTHCOMING.

1.  There will be no additions or subtractions made to the number teams.

2.  Regards U19 Boys games being played on Tuesdays, there was some tweaking done on September 22, September 29 and October 6 among the 304 teams.  Please be sure to note the changes.

3. Regards U14 Boys game on Friday, a change was made on September 19 so that 14B242A will be playing instead of 14B242B.

4. All Tuesday games will be held 530 -700 PM at Huntsinger Park  on Telephone and Saticoy in Ventura.  

We will determine if there will be games after Daylights Savings time due to the lack of lights on the field.  

Please have your team show up earlier as possible to help with set up of the goals.  They will be helping with the breakdown of goals after the game as well.

5.  All Friday games will be held at Teague Field on Harvard in Santa Paula at either 600 PM or 730 PM.

There are lights on this field so games will continue after Daylights Savings.

6.  If you team is unable to make a game, please let the opponent's RC and Cindy know so the RC can advise their coaches and Cindy can release her referees.  It will count as a forfeit.